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All these services are free for clients.  All you need to do is ask for help and we will give you the information that you have requested.

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What are your needs today? Did you just turned 65 or 63? Does it look like you’re going to have a lot of physical problems in the near future? Our needs can change at any moment. Let us help you.

Needs Analysis

What are the best schools that your children can go to? How can I secure financing for the school? Are there other funds that are available. What are the advantages between a 529 plan and juvenile life insurance?

College Education Funding Service

You just might need a power of attorney or trust to take over the legal mitigations of your business or home. Different states have different requirements for how long the trust can exist without looking back. A funeral trust is immediate with no look back. It’s simple to do let us help you.

Trust set up

Because things change so often we need to be assured that we are on the right path. This is where we need to do an annual review. We need to look at how much money your investments are making. Are they safe? How can we improve?

Annual Review

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Multi-national Life and Health insurance

If you are not an American tax laws are different for you. Because you’re not an American there are less exemptions when money is passed from one person to another,  Let us help you protect you , your family and your estate.