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Funeral Trust

The states have allowed a stipulation in the trust laws to allow us to set aside money to bury ourselves and family. In most cases this is around $15,000 per person. This is not like a typical trust most states have a five year look back period for a trust.  That means if you’re planning to have a trust you’re going to need some time.  This is not true with the funeral trust. There is no look back.

Product Summary

If someone was looking to leave their family some money that came with the funeral trust what money is not spent is given back to the family. So if you have a $15,000 funeral trust and it costs you $1000 for cremation there would be $14,000 to go to your family.


Having a funeral trust through a insurance company allows you to choose what you’re planning to do with the money otherwise the money is pre– spent.

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